Sunday, April 29, 2012

The almost-complete Northwest beer list

Usually when you see a lot of drinks from the same brewery, it indicates a sampler flight, and unfortunately I didn't keep great track of those so I might be missing a thing or two. Otherwise here's the nearly accurate list of mostly great microbrews enjoyed over the course of three weeks in five cities. In no particular order.

Russel cream ale
Granville Island Kitsilano maple cream
Granville Island IPA
Granville Island Lions Winter Ale
Granville Island Lager
Granville Island pale ale
Yaletown IPA
Yaletown horseradish IPA
Yaletown Downtown Brown (nitro tap)
Yaletown stout (nitro tap)
Mad River dopplebock
Mad River Steelhead Scotch porter
Mad River Steelhead extra pale
Mad River Steelhead double IPA
Redwood Curtain porter
Redwood Curtain Irish dry stout
Redwood Curtain IPA
Redwood Curtain dubbel
Beacon IPA
Whistler chestnut
Bowen cream ale
Fernie Sapsucker maple porter
Howe Sound cascadia dark ale
Alameda IPA
Granville Island honey lager
Steamworks Coal Porter
Seamworks IPA
Sleemans original draught
Stanley Park amber
Pikes porter
Pikes double IPA
Philips HopEration
R&B cream ale
Elysian Dragonstooth oatmeal stout
Elysian jasmine IPA
Elysian Prometheus IPA
Elysian The Wise ESB
Elysian Valhalla amber/red
Deschutes hop trip ?
Deschutes Hop in the Dark
Green Flash extra stout
Lagunitas IPA


I always decide to start writing again when I travel, and then decide not to. I take a bunch of notes and a bunch of photos and then I get home, day-to-day events take priority, and then nothing happens. I have stacks of handwritten pages from past traveling which have yielded no final product. After almost three weeks on the road on my third solo trip through the Pacific Northwest, I've committed to dragging myself back to the keyboard to reflect on my journey, hopefully with the result of rekindling my interest in blogging and building some kind of momentum toward regular writing.

Here we go again.